• Fruit sauces

    The best fruit sauce
    100% fruit pulp, from pure fruit, only 5% sugar
    We grow our own fruit and harvest it on a farm near Baden-Baden.

    Made in Germany.
    250 ml

  • Fruit spreads

    The best fruit spread
    70% fruit, from pure fruit, only 30% sugar
    We harvest our fruit on a farm near Baden-Baden.

    Only our oranges are sourced from a friendly farmer who manages his plantations near Etna. Some of these oranges may even ripen on the tree for a year under the Sicilian sun.
    Jams in organic quality are rarely jam or jam, but usually fruit spread or fruit pulp - and that has a reason. The German food law provides for this name as jam before a sugar content of 60 percent, which is made up of fructose and industrial sugar. Organic jam contains more fruit than sugar. Honey, apple or pear syrup, barley malt or raw cane sugar are sweetened, for example. What makes organic jam even healthier: It contains no additives such as colorings or preservatives and the ingredients come from environmentally friendly organic farming.
    Made in Germany.
    250 g

  • Greek honey

    Greek honey
    The ancient Greeks believed that the gods of Olympus were nourished by honey. According to legend, the goddess Hera, the personified youth, offered honey to the gods so that they would not age. Cleopatra, the Greek queen of Egypt, used honey as her basic cosmetics.

    Premium quality of busy bees.
    As a certified honey producer we make everything by hand, with handpicked ingredients that are always processed fresh and without preservatives. Get the most delicious piece of sunny Greece on the table!

    All our honey is accompanied by laboratory analyzes, it is not fully processed and is therefore pure. For this reason, my wild meadow honey does not always have a consistent taste, since taste and aroma are defined by nature each year. The honey is packed according to European specifications and has an ISO 22000 certification system.
    50 g

  • Mustard

    My homemade mustard
    Produces 3 mustard seeds
    INGREDIENTS: 3 different mustard seeds (white, brown, black) Apple juice, water, salt, lemon juice, spices, sugar (no industrial sugar)

    WITHOUT preservatives - 5% sugar

    OUR TASTE SECRET: Everything is made by hand, with handpicked ingredients that are always freshly harvested and processed without preservatives.
    250 g

  • Pesto

    My pesto
    Our pesto is very flavorful in its composition.

    Shake vigorously before each use!

    OUR TASTE SECRET: Everything is made by hand, with handpicked ingredients that are always freshly harvested and processed without preservatives.
    250 g

  • Refined sea salts

    Refined sea salts
    We buy our salt from a friendly farmer from the Camarque. In spring, several hectares of land in a nature reserve are flooded with seawater. Wind and sun evaporate the water leaving behind the slightly moist salt. In November is harvested by hand.

    Experienced employees harvest regularly, using only the freshest herbs from our own wild meadow.

    The spice of our Mediterranean herbal composition promises a taste experience of a special kind.

    The black & green pepper comes from a direct import in India.
    The rosemary grows on our own wild meadows.

    Our sugar kelp grows in a marine aquaculture in the Kiel fjord.

    The oranges grow on a controlled plantation in Sicily and are freshly harvested for this product.
    60 g - in a resealable sachet

  • Sauces concentrates

    Sauce Concentrates
    Our sauces concentrates are very flavorful in their composition.

    Shake vigorously before each use!

    There are enough 2-3 teaspoons z.Bsp. for a pasta and vegetable pan for about 4 people.

    The content can be "stretched" from the specified 250ml to 1 liter. Simply top up the amount with rapeseed oil or sunflower oil. It is enough if the upper layer is slightly covered with oil.
    250 ml